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Tennis On The Lake is celebrating 16 years in Chicago! We offer group lessons, private and semi-private lessons, kids camps, and have a full service pro shop at Waveland Park. Our exclusive TOTL training system will help you become a better tennis player by strengthening the mind body connection and ensuring a solid foundation for future progress. 

You'll enjoy a great workout while getting some sun at our many outdoor courts in Chicago. You'll also get a chance to meet new tennis players from the Chicago area. Our staff of tennis professionals include some of the best local players and coaches who undergo thorough training in the TOTL system to provide consistent classes in a FUN, ACTIVE, and CREATIVE environment. 

New Strength and Conditioning Program!

What people have to say about us!


"Excellent lessons at good prices.  They have lessons at multiple locations (Wrigleyville, Lincoln Park, etc) and multiple ability levels.  The instructors are good and keep the lessons fun!"  .....

Today I weigh 160 pounds, which is 55 Pounds less than weighed in January of 2013. And a substantial reason why is that in 2013 I reconnected with my long-latent love of playing tennis, through group classes at Tennis On The Lake. Fellow tennis likes in Chicago, group tennis classes at Tennis On The Lake begins this Monday! I just registered. (FYI, I am taking Level 2, Tuesdays and Thursdays 7-8am.) There’s a wide variety of Levels and class days & times. These classes changed my life.  ……Ranjit Souri, Chicago IL
"This is my second session with TOTL. I cannot recommend it enough. I have had a few different instructors and they are all FABULOUS: Axl (gone home to Sweden), Danny, JP and the owner Pete. I seriously am mad with myself for not finding these guys earlier!!! The only complaint is sometimes theres a little delay getting email responses, but I am in total love. Everyone in my classes has been adorable, and eager to learn. Theres a little tough love (thanks Pete) but its GREAT. Cannot recommend enough!!!!!!! Keep up the great work lads!!!"   .....Tony L, Chicago IL

"I haven't played tennis regularly since 8th grade, but Tennis on the Lake has renewed my interest. I'm starting my second session with TOL, and I'm enjoying it greatly. The instructors are friendly, and mix up drills to keep things interesting. They're also pretty good at evaluating your skill level. I Initially signed up for an Advanced Beginner class because I didn't know how I'd play for not playing for so long, but after a week they suggested that I join the Intermediate class which made playing more enjoyable. As long as I'm living in the city, I'll be playing tennis with TOL! "  .....Kendra, NY New York?
"I have been taking lessons here for 3 summers now.  All of the instructors are professional, fun, and motivating.  Though I take my winters away from the courts, I have improved every summer through Tennis on the Lake.  Each tennis pro has their own approach and the head guy, Pete, really is great about catering to your needs individually.  Totally flexible crew that really cares about their students.  
Last weekend I stopped by their grand opening of the Tennis on the Lake Shop for drinks and appetizers.  It's really cool.  You can get your racquet restrung, grab something in the little kitchen-ette, and watch a match on the huge TV.  
From what I have researched, Tennis on the Lake has the best bang for your buck when it comes to tennis.... so they always keep me coming back!"   ....Christa F, Chicago IL

"I had a great time taking tennis lessons through these guys. They offer both adult and youth classes at multiple locations. I don't know how all the instructors are, but I worked with the main coach and he was a great instructor. Whether you are looking to learn tennis for the first time or brush up on your skills, I think this is a great place to take lessons"  .....S.S, Chicago IL