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What should I bring to class?

Wear appropriate attire and bring a tennis racquet, water and sunscreen. Take along a notepad to track your development.

How will I find my instructor/class?

Look for the Tennis on the Lake logo on either a banner or the instructor’s shirt. At Waveland There are two banks of 10 courts at Waveland. For your first class, go to court #20, the most southeast court on the south bank of courts. At other locations, we will be playing on the easternmost court for the most part or else just look for the guy with a big basket of tennis balls.

Is there parking?

Each location offers parking. Waveland: Free parking east of the south bank of courts towards the golf course. There is metered parking west of the courts. There is usually free street parking around the courts at the other locations.

How do I know if a class is cancelled due to weather? When are make-ups?

Updates will be posted to the homepage or call the office (773-278-8877). Make-ups are held Friday at 6pm and 7:30pm at Waveland, please keep this in mind when planning your schedule. To make-up a rain-out on another day, you use one of your personal make-ups.

What should I wear?

Comfortable athletic wear. Women usually wear capri pants or tennis skirts and tank-tops. Men are suitable in shorts or lightweight pants and t-shirts or polo shirts. All white is not required, we like color! Tennis shoes (not running or athletic shoes) are strongly recommended. Tennis shoes are designed for lateral movement with more ankle support. Students who injure their feet and ankles out on the courts are always wearing inappropriate footwear.

Do I need to be a member?

Tennis On The Lake does not charge membership fees.

My 17-year-old son/daughter is playing at the varsity high school level, can they join an adult class?

Depending on the individual, high school age children generally do fine in an adult group. On occasion, we can find other teenagers or you may be able to recruit some of your son or daughter’s friends to create a special group that can be scheduled at a location and time convenient for you.

I'm going to miss some classes due to schedule conflicts, how do I reschedule?

You may submit a make-up request via the website or call the office (773-278-8877). For students who attend classes 1x/week, you are permitted 1 personal make-up per session. For students who attend classes 2x/week, you are permitted 2 make-ups per session. You must complete make-ups within the same session. We will do our best to accommodate all make-up requests, but please keep your schedule in mind when committing to a class. For those who have trouble committing to a particular class schedule, customized class registration is available.